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What makes a good home design magazine great? Is it the glossy nature of the thing? Or the gorgeous pics? Maybe it’s about the articles and how they’re written. Do they make you want to throw away all your curtains and carpets immediately and rejig the whole house? Do they explain everything you should know and watch out for, while you’re rethinking how the place you call ‘home’ can be shifted and changed to be made even more fantastic to live in than it is, already? Do they tell you where you can buy the items they recommend? Or do they just whet your appetite for sheer beauty in a living environment. We take a look at five top home design magazines, from all over the world.

Art and Décoration is a magnificent French publication. It comes out monthly – in fact, October’s issue is its 500th month since it was started. With a promise to look at real homes rather than ones that reek of museum-like tidiness and wealth, Art and Décoration takes you, its reader, into the lived-in homes of real people, to look at and chat about their home design decisions. But if you glance into its pages, these are no ordinary or boring houses. You will discover how interior designer Amelie Buvat radically modernized a traditional Paris apartment, and how a couple took an old farm pasture and turned it into an exceptional guest house in Savoie. This month’s issue visits the monastery of Cos d’Estournel in Bordeaux, France’s famous winelands.

New York Spaces is subtitled The Home Design Magazine of Metropolitan Manhattan. Unapologetically focused on very affluent New York residents, it’s a seriously lavish publication which offers you delicious snippets and insights into the lives of the rich and famous. The magazine also has a facility where it connects readers and homeowners to the city’s best suppliers of luxury brands of everything from arts and antiques to zigzagged fabric and zinc finishes. Now celebrating its 11th year of existence, this month’s issue of New York Spaces offers breath-taking insights into the interior design work of Vicente Wolf and the marvellous pieces in the collection of Los Angeles-based Jiun Ho, who has a passion for collecting furniture of all shapes and sizes.

Style at Home, published in Quebec is Canada’s home design gateway to the world. Not only about sheer loveliness in design, it also offers a strong and comprehensive section on ��how to’ which pragmatically explains tricks and turns that you, too, can accomplish in the quiet of your own home. In this month’s issue, topics like glamming up a dowdy bathroom, personalizing a drab nursery and downsizing your lifestyle beautifully, are handled. While the strategic abilities of designers such as Jennifer Ferreira are highlighted in terms of her ability to make a small space feel palatial, celebrities in all their generous understanding of space, time and luxury are also there, aplenty. Previous editions have focused on the extraordinary homes of famous people such as Barack Obama, Michael Bublé, Robin Williams and Prince.

Mi Casa, a Spanish home design magazine published in Madrid focuses on ideas, ideas and even more ideas. But that’s not all: complementing all those idea, it offers advice and solutions that proactively remember that a combination of sensible cost and extraordinary quality really matter for the average home-dweller. Aimed at the middle class, middle income and mostly female homeowner, beautifully illustrated but not over-the-top in its lavish quality Mi Casa is an elegantly designed mag that is broadly thought of as a reference magazine. Readers are known to keep back copies so that they can refer to articles and focuses in the past, for their user friendliness and pragmatic advice. Focusing on products, individual houses, tips and skills, it’s a seriously focused but immensely useful publication.

Ideal Home doesn’t boast ‘style police’ credentials in its bid to be democratically stylish. Does this mean that ‘anything goes’? Maybe. Boasting both a print version and a digital version which you have to buy, the magazine has sections which offer insight into the design of different types of rooms in your house, from the pantry to the bathroom, the guest bedroom to the children’s nursery. It also contains many advice sections and house tours of properties with noteworthy design and functionality. It’s published on a monthly basis in London and has been in existence since 1920s, so you can just imagine the kinds of evolving styles it’s seen, discussed and documented in nearly 100 years!


written by: Santa-Cruzz