Top 10 Luxury Celebrity Homes


Celebrities live in lavish houses. However, a few of them reside in the most luxurious homes imaginable. Here are the top 10 luxury celebrity homes.

1. Bill Gates’ Home in Medina, Washington

Bill Gates is worth $90 billion, and as such, a $147.5 million home is a bit modest for him. His home sits on a 66,000-square foot piece of land. Interestingly, Bill Gates has a large library in his home instead of luxurious rooms such as movie theaters or baseball fields.

2. Petra Stunt’s House in Los Angeles California

Home of petra ecclestone

Petra is a British model, socialite, and fashion designer. She is the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone who is a billionaire and the former CEO of Formula One racing. Petra bought her house from Candy Spelling. She bought it at $85 million even though the asking price was $150 million. This home, known as the Spelling Manor, is the largest home in the County of Los Angeles.

3. Oprah Winfrey’s Home in Montecito, California

Luxury Home of Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey lives in a massive mansion that has ten fireplaces, fourteen bathrooms, six bedrooms, a private movie cinema, and a lake filled with exotic fish. This remarkable house is worth $85 million.

4. Hugh Hefner’s House in Los Angeles, California

Hugh Hefner's House

His home popularly referred to as the Playboy Mansion, is worth $54 million. In this compound, you will find a game room, wine cellar, tennis court, and a swimming pool.

5. Billy Joel’s Home in Miami Beach, Florida

Billy Joel Florida House

This house sits on an exclusive island that covers 303,310 square feet. It has a pier, swimming pool, patio, outdoor kitchen, boat slip, and a dock. It is worth $35 million, which is a fitting price for someone like Billy Joel. He is worth $180 million.

6. Jerry Seinfeld’s House in the Hampton, New York

Jerry Seinfield's House Hampton

Jerry Seinfeld bought this house from Billy Joel. He paid Joel $32 million for it. The house sits on a 12-acre piece of land. The most impressive this about this house is the fact that it has a baseball field.

7. Christie Brinkley’s Home in Long Island, New York

 Christie-Brinkley House

Christie was one of the most popular models in the United States during the late 1970s and early 1980s. She is worth $80 million. The house is impressive because it has five bathrooms, four bedrooms, and it sits on a 20-acre piece of land. Additionally, it has an observation tower that is 50 feet high. In June 2016, Christie announced that she wants to sell it for $30 million.

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s House in Brentwood County, California


This home is worth $23.5 million. It is part of Brentwood Country Estates, which is a gated community. He almost lost it to his wife, Maria Shriver, after the pair divorced in 2011. Instead, Maria bought a home three miles from this one. The value of that home is $10 million.

9. Will Smith’s Home in Calabasas, California

Will Smith’s net worth stands at more than $200 million. Moreover, his films have grossed $6.63 billion. His home in Calabasas, California is a living testament to his success as an actor and musician. It is worth $20 million. This home has unique features such as a golf course, basketball court, recording studio, and a meditation lounge.

10. Ozzy Osbourne’s House in North Aden, Beverly Hills


Ozzy is famous for his role as the lead vocalist in Black Sabbath, a heavy metal rock band. His home is worth $10 million. It has five bathrooms and five bedrooms. It sits on a 5,680-square foot piece of land. It is an English-style mansion formerly owned by Alan Ladd Junior, a film producer.


written by: BestSEOWriter2010s